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Recently I had the chance to collaborate with one of Australia's best surf publications called "Foam Symmerty" in creating an editorial feature on the multi-talent and one-of-a-kind character Colin Whitbread. This was a really unique opportunity to creative direct, design and photograph the entire feature, start to finish. We all wanted to create something different from the normal interview that you see in most magazines and do something that really stood out from the pack. The series of five spreads were crafted around Colin's corky personality... from the wirting, to the design and layout, to overall photography style, we even incorporated some of his own artwork. Look forward to more similar projects in the near future.

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I've always wanted to visit Barbados and recently had the opportunity to go there for a photo shoot. More to come from this adventure in the near future. Amazing people and place.
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Stoked to collab with Mollusk again. Swing by their site to checkout a recent slideshow we put together.
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Inertia 2013 Portfolio Challenge: Winner
To end 2013, the Inertia wrapped up with the second annual Portfolio Challenge which featured 18 of the best portfolios we ran over the past 12 months. The site, for a few weeks’ time, was more chock full than usual of incredible images–a garden of eye candy from all over the world. The Inertia Editorial Team selected a winner–The Editors’ Pick–San Diego’s Myles McGuinness. Myles pulled it out due to numerous striking shots–the shot at Blacks Beach of the kneeling surfer gives viewers a sense of what the light can do at that place. Another one he seared into our mind’s eyes features Colin Whitbread hanging (almost) ten on a golden wave.

check out more here:

See new work at :
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Dream Big: Visit California shoot

Had a blast shooting Bob Burnquist skating a half pipe floating on Lake Tahoe.
 Behind the Scenes for Visit California
“Once upon a time ad agency Mering Carson came upon a photo of a floating skate ramp. They thought it was a totally cool idea, but when we did a little research, we discovered the image was a fake—someone’s Photoshopped fantasy. Bummer, we thought—but then we got inspired. “Let’s build our own,” we cried, “and let’s have pro skater Bob Burnquist skate on it—in Lake Tahoe!” Somehow our crazy idea seemed just fine to Bob, who had his own designers join us for four days to build this ramp “floating” above Lake Tahoe.”]]>
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Rob Machado: Visit California
Recently had the opportunity to shoot with Rob Machado for Visit California. The fog cooperated and he braved the 65 degree water for a quick paddle out just before sunset. Check back for more.
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Eidon Photo Shoot in Nicaragua

I'm playing catch on my posts as I've been on the road quite a bit recently. These are some of the images we created while traveling to Nicaragua earlier this summer with the Eidon crew. As always we scored some surf, drank plenty of Tona's and Rum, and managed some work done too. Can't wait to share more photos from this trip. Enjoy.
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California Gold: Surfing Heritage Foundation Vintage Surf Auction Stoked to be part of the Surfing Heritage Auction this past weekend present by Quiksilver. There was an incredible collection of vintage surfboards, posters, books and artwork. Really cool to see and hear some of the history behind the art of riding waves. The night finished off with a great set of music by the Mattson 2 and Ray Barbe.

"Sunset Glass Off" 24" x 36" Birch wood print sold.

Ray Barbee jamming.

The Mattson 2 and Ray Barbee.

Packed Auction House

This book "The Surf Riders of Hawaii" documents surfing first photos by A.R. Guerry Jr. sold for $28,000. There are only eight known to exist.
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Some love from down under.

Yeu! Stoked to have this photo run in the newest issue of White Horses (Australia). These guys produce one of the best publications out there.
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The Inertia

A recent portfolio is up at the Inertia. Check it out.
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Kelly Slater Wave Co. Ad
One of my photos being used in an ad for Kelly Slater's Wave Co.

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Surface: the night of the Opening
The opening went great with 200+ in attendance through out the night, the Red Fox Tails rocked and I even managed to sell quite a few pieces to boot. Stoked all around.  Below are some photos from the night of the opening as well as some of the art.


These wood prints are the result of many years searching for a new medium to display photography, fine tuning along the way, figuring out new processes, and discovering what type of images work best. My design background plays a large role in how I frame the subject, to what time of day I shoot and how the images are processed. With these images, I look to combine a certain energy, a feeling with unique sense of light, framed at a decisive moment in time. At the heart, it all
comes back to the ocean and what it is that draws us to it. Subtle but bold. Simple yet deeply complex. Instantaneous but timeless.

These fine art prints are truly one-of-a-kind because the unique wood grain and color varies from print to print. Each piece of wood is hand selected, carefully matching the grain to the individual image, which is Forest Steward Council (FSC) certified and grown in sustainable forests. Close attention is paid to the type of wood species, the color, and most importantly the grain. Since no two pieces of wood are ever the same, no two prints will ever be the same. These prints represent a new art medium for printing and displaying photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated wood. Various types of woods (Ash, Birch, Maple, Luan etc...) and grains can be used to achieve truly unique pieces of art. These fine art images are offered in limited quantities. For those interested in custom sizes and signed limited edition prints, please contact us [email protected].

Inspired by a lifetime of traveling, Myles was raised on saltwater and snow. He grew up across the U.S. in such places as the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, Ohio, and North Carolina, and along the coastal beaches of Georgia, Texas, Florida, and California. You could say that he traveled a lot as a kid and developed a certain itch for exploration.

Myles holds Bachelor of Art degrees in both Graphic Design and Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design. With over 15 years of advertising, branding and photography experience, he began his career working at several of the East and West Coast’s top advertising agencies. An avid surfer and skier, Myles happily now calls the beaches Oceanside, California, home. When he’s not working, he can be found either in the line-up or spending time with his wife and two children.

Published and internationally recognized by the American Advertising Federation, California Surf Museum, National Geographic, the Smithsonian Magazine, Surfer, Surfing, Transworld, The Surfer’s Journal, Nalu (Japan), Slide (New Zealand, US), Surfing World (AUS), Surfing Life, Australian Longboarding, On the Board (Japan), Beach Girls (Japan),
The Surfer’s Path (U.K), Cooler (U.K), Surfeuses (France), Alma Surf Festival (Brazil), Oceanside Museum of Art, The California Surf Museum, Communication Arts Photo Annual, Follow the Light Finalist, and exhibited in the U.S., Brazil, France, and Italy.

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Surface Opening Saturday, Nov.3rd

SAN DIEGO, October 25, 2012–Award-winning photographer and designer, Myles McGuinness, will showcase his limited edition wood prints at the premier opening of Surface Art and Culture on Saturday, November 3, from 7-11 p.m.

The free event in downtown Oceanside will feature pieces from Myles’ photography that has been published and internationally recognized by the American Advertising Federation, California Surf Museum, National Geographic and exhibited in the U.S., Brazil, France and Italy.

The gallery will be showcasing these all new limited edition wood prints of local lineups & surfers Taylor Jensen, Jen Smith, Ryan Burch, Jared Mell + more. Swing by to enjoy some original art and live music by “surf jazz” band The Red Fox Tails. These fine art prints are one-of-kind because the unique wood grain and color varies from print to print. Each piece of wood is hand selected, carefully matching the grain to the individual image. The wood is Forest Steward Council (FSC) certified and grown in sustainable forests.

Surface Art and Culture is located at 206 N. Coast Highway #212E (Artist Alley) Oceanside, 92054, and the show will begin at 6 p.m. To view more work, visit
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Billabong's Design for Humanity

This year’s 6th annual Design For Humanity packed in a crowd of 5,000 on July, raising $111,000 from ticket sales alone, as party and auction goers meandered through the “streets of New York City” at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. The event—  a charitable initiative that raises much needed funds and support for organizations and businesses trying to make a difference—pulled out all the stops this year.

Wanted to send a big thanks out to Green Flash and for including me in the event Surf Art Gallery, which featured one-of-a-kind custom wetsuit designs by myself and various artist including Skye Walker, David Micahel, Amanda Mueller and Julie Goldstein. The best part of that gallery? The whole floor was covered with sand. The art auction was happening simultaneously as two stages provided non-stop entertainment throughout the evening, including musical performance by Imagine Dragons, Walk The Moon, The Joy Formidable, and The Lumineers. 

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The new album titled "Aloha" is out by the Red Fox Tails. I highly recommend checking it out. It's a great mix of jazzy, bossa nova, sort of the Flamenco meets Dick Dale style music. Artwork by Susan Wickstrand and designed by Myles McGuinness
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Wilderness, Puerto Rico

Recently returned from a photo assignment for a new apparel brand (more from the shoot to come). This is one of the locations I knew could work. It's great to go back to a place you haven't visited in a long time to see some things remain the same. Wilderness, Puerto Rico, spring 2012. To see more visit:
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Somewhere warm

Magical place and can't wait to return soon. See more at:
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The Californian Connection – collaboration with international surf photographer Myles McGuiness.

Nice write up from across the pond. The people at SaltRock are launching their spring/summer line. More images to come. The Californian Connection – collaboration with international surf photographer Myles McGuiness.]]>
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Jen Smith: backyard
What can I say, Jen Smith is rad in every way. Down to earth, goes with the flow and all that. Add to the fact that she has style to burn (former World Champion Women's Longboarder) and rips on a half pipe to boot. Always glad to connect with her on land or in the water.
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Single fins & sunsets

There's no better place to be than Southern California in the winter. All the elements came together this day with perfect light, light winds and solid swell pushing into Blacks Beach. Topped off with a hike up the goat trail as the sunsets. All you need is a cold beer waiting in the car.
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Winter Light
One of my favorite places and beaches, Blacks Beach. Nothing makes you feel more alive then hiking down the goat trail, then walking down the beach with these cliffs hanging above.]]>
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Wave abstracts

Few water and light studies.
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Tanner Prairie: Portraits I recently had the chance to catch up the gifted shaper and surfer Tanner Prairie for a photo shoot for Japanese magazine "On the Board." Growing up in the eclectic surf/skate industry mecca of Costa Mesa CA, 21 year old Tanner has drawn inspiration from his surroundings and created a unique surfboard label that focuses on trim oriented equipment through simple, straightforward craftsmanship. For more about Tanner and his boards checkout his website. –

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A few outakes from a recent shot with good friend Kat, the multi-talent model, surfer, skateboarder and artist. 
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Good times and great people on a recent trip to Nicaragua. Can't wait to go back.
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